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2.55 20th of May
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Mood: bloody hell... angry
Motivated level: i'll get better marks than u bish.
Music: kissin you - miranda cosgrave
Details: angry and there is test tml, and there is exam on sat.. WTF.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Whacky sites i found..

Recently I was bored, so I came across this

Baby drummer..
Little Drummer Baby

Now, this is crazy...
yes, its about cutting/mincing/chopping an IPOD in a blender..
friggin retarded...


Its nice to switch to another blog?
Leaving the old one there...
As a memory?
Well, kk... I shall start of with a song...

Actually now 4.30AM...sleepy, will blog another time!!..hehe
*if u want the song..
as and u shall receive...