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2.55 20th of May
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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Return to Russia

Looking tru my phone memory, I found this picture of the snow from close range. I labeled this pic "snow crystals". Damn astonishing, I like crystals, so.. I'm really glad this pic turned out nice ^^
Snow forest

man on roof.

that red-bricked building is my hostel

this pic is just bout the ice shards from the edges of the roof.
well, its less than 24 hours to return to Russia.
Farewell, Malaysia. May ur wonderful politics bring u guys to where you guys wanna go =.=

Monday, 24 August 2009

Windows7 Beta

I ran across these pics I ss back then while using the beta. this dated back to the launch of the first beta versions of win7, i forgotten when exactly was that. Around Jan 2009 i think.
load screen

the shutdown screen

as above, the new paint
the new personalise
the new tastbar is alot alot better. it grants us the option of modifying and viewing stuff without clicking and opening the program itself.
basicly windows 7 had been a great experience to me.
after great amount of trouble and time spending on reformatting, and testing ways to install it. I finally succeeded with the expense of ALL my MUSIC which i had compiled for the past 3 years.
*its nt windows's fault,but HP's recovery disk formated my backup partition too =.=
*yes i got blue screen too ^^
my new desktop is on win7 too. but this time its win7 RC 7100. cheers ^^

Friday, 21 August 2009

The fallen angel

Divine past,
foretold of unspoken evil,
diminishing the spark into dust,
scattered all over our paths,
yet too late for it now,
for it has conglomerated in to the world's dark.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Why did they stock tamiflu? o.o

Source: LYN forums
John: I heard it will be available in Malaysia somewhere next month brought in by pharmaceutical companies like GSK. Problem is, what if that vaccine somehow mutate humans turning them into something else?
Dicky: X-men time ^^

Bout H1N1, I read somewhere frm LYN that China already discovered the vaccine. *but dunno inside contain pig/babi extract or nt lar .. XD
swine flu vaccine from swine.. is that a problem? ^^
Anyway, the last I heard from news is some US university already developed vaccine. However tests have only been run on animals and has just been introduced to tests for humans now.

Couple of weeks ago, Malaysia said "we have stocked up on Tamiflu". But the truth is .... Tamiflu = just a normal flu medicine. ok, why tell the citizens like that?
to get them to vote for u coz u think they will believe that u are fast and good in precaution against this pandemic?

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Some winter pics on new years day

The banner means "to a happy new year" . This is the same park as the pictures i posted back then. Welcome to Zoopark, the winter version of it =p

XD slides exist here in winter. Ppl can find a cardboard to slide down, or buy a plastic thing for u to sit on.... or even , try slidedown while standing [at ur own risk ]. Sry no pics, my N82 isnt a DSRL camera or how u call it. I tried taking 1 pic..
*round of applause for my N82 plz ^^
The cold breeze can be seen? i dunno wuts the white thingy in the air actually. guess urself =0
the night, winter road at 12am new year day. covered with snow, carless XD
uhm , duno wuts goin on here.
but i know wuts goin on here.. =.= *pawned lar u Rahman[this dude is my ex-block mate .. nice guy =p]
hmm, i just noticed.. it looks like piramid shape eh..
*smiles, who doesnt love camera? ^^
cheers ^^
\o/ yay . ^^ this is our first year ppl btw.. got more, but didnt come out.
that wraps up wut I did for new year i guess.. *ttly forgot wut else i did.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Tooth: remineralization of small lesions

~pic by Lauralie_x
In relevance to my damn stupid wisdom tooth problem, i found this
Although the cells which divide into the enamel layer of our teeth disapears once the teeth completes growth, it is possible however it is a natural phenomenon that our teeth can reverse the demineralization due to caries by the equilibrium of minerals and saliva that promotes the hydroxyapatite crystal growth. Flouride attract minerals like calcium and phosphate and would replenish the enamel.

however if the decay is bad, external remineralization materials would be needed, for example amalgam, composite resin, gold or porcelain would be used to patch the cavity.
In extensive cases of decay, a crown could be used. Sometimes, endodontic therapy or also known as 'root canal' could be applied.

now, i just hope my wisdom tooth problem is casued by demineraliztion =.=" *prays hard

Saturday, 15 August 2009

oh yesh.. ^^

my first post after moments of silence, its time to face the world again =0

my new rig iz up! ^^
intel Quad core Q9400
ASUS P5Q3 motherboard (cant remember)
4gb ddr3 ram
Galaxy GTX 260 896mb gpu
Acer P244w monitor
~credits to Aaron, awesome pice of TN screen =p
hmm*peeks into the casing... "wut else eh?"
Western Digital 500gb 7200rpm hardisk
Pioneer DVD-RW optical drive
cooler master psu

current base score ---> 5.9 ^^ thnxz to the stupid hardisk

anyway proud to have screw these stuff and fix it together by myself .. cheers ^^
*now worries how to get the P244w to Russia, its damn huge.