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2.55 20th of May
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Sunday, 19 October 2008


uhm.. abit in a hurry to write down any stuff..
I'll just let the pictures do the talking oh.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Food in Russia

Uhm, for now I have only eaten in stalovaya[cafeteria] in the hostel. Its pretty good. As the pic above and the 2 pics after this.
some beef/chicken/pork stew with alot of potatoes.

beetroot soup with peperoni on top and sour cream/mayonnaise ...
a taste of malaysian stuff.. meat balls in IKEA,MEGA SHOPPING MALL. the whitish sauce is like some mixture of mayonaise and mustard. damn cool...I took SO DAMN LOT of the sauce...

a big and tasty burger. However I only enjoyed eating it after it has been added with some mayonaise... Yea, I know I'm one mayonaise freak. Ahh..
here.. a taste of college snack... $20R = Rm3 like tat gua..

Thats all for now. I suppose I'm eating abit too much these days, but winter is coming... I have to put on like 3kg to tahan it better gua? but nw I'm doing fine, no running nose, no flu or anything..thank God.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

When we arrived in Moscow.. then Nizhny Novgorod.

Above is Cheese cake, from sing airlines.
Now now,
Should I welcome myself back to the blogsphere?
hmm.. Supposely its anatomy or Latin or Russian Medical I should be studying but.. I'll spare a very moment of my life to blog about how my life is... hmmm
Moscow airport above.

Nizhny bound 1st year medical students awaiting our transport to city tour.
The uhm.. dunno what river, but the red-like structure bside is part of Kremlin? I think lar, bla bla.. tats coz I wasn't paying attention to the tour guide.
Actually I have no friggin idea what this is. but it looks nice rite? I'll try get the name lar, paiseh paiseh...
Some miniature Taj Mahal i think..
One last pic with some ACMS friends tat were departing for Volgo.
McD, Big Tasty.. it cost about 95Rb. RM12 like tat.. lol.. its big. I buy it the keep it till at nite, and use microwave to heat it then EAT it lar.. wat else.

Me and Xinn near hostel 5. (I am hostel 1)

So, I'm sure you guys are wondering how I'm doin nowdays. I can say I'm doing good with my gf! Picking up some pace on studies, and I love the food near my hostel and at college. lol.. its like RM8-9 per meal,but it rawx!!!
But I have a belief that I'm the only one enjoyin it though. K, i wanna memorize a poem now. bah, memorizing is so not my type... -.-"