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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Radiology room surgery

russian mosques with dome-shaped tops ... =,= i cant believed i said mosques. its a church.sry

part of the back street...

this is where we have our nursing classes... Volksnaya hospital.
Today during our nursing attachment, we had a rare chance to view a radiology / chemo abolism / some operation that is due to malignant cancer.[*i'll get u the name when i'm free] We saw through computer about how the doctor inserted something tru the woman's arterio femoralis then to arterio pelvicalis dexter then to aorta.. target was to get the thing into the common hepatic artery. After an hour or 2 long procedure, it was still impossible... so they took a break, due to high exposure of x-rays for a long duration was bad.Thus, we left and went to anatomy class. Hope the lady was fine.. her hepatic artery was.. damn kao wierd angle, no way the wire can enter =.="!

I hope i will post about biochem tasks later in the night, laterz.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Building my computer

Recently I proudly built my own rig. Unfortunately due to I was in a damn hurry, i didnt really took many pics. So, this isnt a complete guild to how to build a rig.
Stuff that I needed:
1. motherboard
2. ram
3. hardisk
4. dvd-rom
5. Graphics processing unit aka GPU
6. Power source unit aka psu
7. processor chip
8. casing

Firstly you would have to remove all the stuff from the boxes. Then place the motherboard on a non-static place. We are supposed to install the processor first.
The processor will have many pins behind it,be careful with it and insert it attentively into the chip area on the motherboard. Then, there would be a fan for the processor which comes with it. Thermal paste is already applied to the bottom of the fan, and we would just have to attach it on the motherboard and fix the screws behind the board. Unless in cases of overclocking[OC] there would be no need to get an additional fan.
then its time to insert your PSU into the casing. make sure ur PSU provide sufficient power [watts] and has enough cables to connect to ur
1. cpu fan on motherboard[the one with 4 holes x 2 cords that is together]
2. active motherboard power supply[the biggest one]
3. hardisk[flat type of cord]~p6
4. dvd-rom [flat type of cord]~p6
5. gpu [flat and 4 in a row type] ~p4
6. casing lights [4 in a row type] ~ p4
*not to sure bout the p4 or p6 part.

after the psu, the motherboard goes in and be sure to screw it on its elevating screwlike thin

as above is the power to the cpu fan.

this was how my table was like.

this is how to insert the ram. I simply pushed it into the slots. However, take note that if one ram is in black, the other has to be in black too. If its in orange, the other has to be in the orange too. In other words, paired colours.

this is how it looked like bfore i closed it. note that graphics cards might not be directly connectable to ur PSU, u might need to use power cable converters to change it frm P6 --> P4.

a view of my casing and position of hardisk, etc.
The front usbport switch is connected to the part labeled USB 1.
*note: make sure u connect it well, or if not ur usb devices wont work and will get shortcircuited!
specs of my comp:
intel core 2 Q9400
Galaxy GTX 260
Western digital 500gb
Asus P5Q3 motherboard
Acer P244w <3
Razer Krait
Logitech keyboard
ThermalTake m5 housing
Pioneer dvd-rom
Cooler master psu

currently running windows 7 RC.
failed an attempt to utilize windows 7600..
and hope to get ori win7 sometime in the future..

.. anyway, i'm glad i could finally build my own desktop. hehe.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Moar frogs ^^

This week physiology class, our frog's life ended with his tongue sticking out !! XD

me and zakwan doin some eye test.

damn ghey right? XD

this one act cute... ish!

1 spinal preparation of frog ready!! XD

Monday, 19 October 2009

I want to be alone
But once I am
I can't stand
The solitude
I want everything to be quiet
But once it is
I can't stand
The silence
I want to live my life
But once I start
I just feel like dying
I want to be happy
But once I am
I always become sad
I want to laugh
But when I do
I feel like crying
I want to be loved
But once I am
I feel nothing but hate
I want to forget the past
But once I do
I feel ashamed
I want to be strong
But once I am
I always become weak
I don't know
What's wrong
I don't know why
I feel this way
Just please understand
I'm confused.

poem not by me.

The ball of wool,the kitten

In existance was once a ball of wool, brilliantly architectured it was.
there was once a kitten,an innocent child.
she yearned for the ball, yet in vain was her attempts.
fell into darkness instead, rolled out of her sight...
the kitten grew up and found new toys, but still desired that toy...

through the years, there were many...
but she wished for it.
yet today she found one,
one that totally beat the earlier,
followed by unspoken words..

*i know its a horrible poem, but its something i feel like writing.

BIOCHEM: centrifuge

this enzyme catalyses the reaction of oxidation of glucose in presence of molecular oxygen and forms gluconolactone, which is then spontaneously hydrolysed into glutonic acid.
as the reaction above..

the sediment...

the sediment, upside down..

the centrifuge,

how it looks like inside..

probably this is a rather old version we use.. but it works fine. We were required to weight both test tubes and put it on opposite sides of the holders to keep it stable.

*i'm doin this so i have an idea what i did in class.. *i ttly forgot after just a while =(

Friday, 16 October 2009

omg, more <3 for itachi uchiha...

Uchiha Itachi went out on his own terms, 100%. No one else in the manga has done that; not the Sannin, not Pain, not any of the Akatsuki...nobody. No one else in the manga will do that. And that, my friends, is the capper, and why Uchiha Itachi is, without question, the very best shinobi in the manga known as Naruto.


omg, damnit i sure do love itachi ...

Saturday, 10 October 2009


the beauty of naruto manga's eyes..
I directed my physiology post here..

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Fate or choice?

Is it better to be...
good or bad?
holy or evil?
dead or alive?

Should we...
use people or be sincere?
lead or follow?
be desire for improvement or be content?
be lustful or just loving?
be a friend or a foe?

Finally, should we rely on...
free will or rules?
fate or choice?

Leaves me wondering , what would I do bout life?

Sunday, 4 October 2009

My 21st bday

cake 3 - frm Pan and RuMin (status : still alive)

cake 4: by KengHuat, sempena mooncake festival. *duh, thnx man.. to think of someone would share their mooncake with the poor and needy like me.. =P

some of the ppl who came to wish me.

main cake: cake 1 .. status: died in war between Pan and Khairul.

lalala.. XD
k, its 4.30 am nw, too lazy to type.. kk ciao ciao!!
btw , this post is meant to thank those who actually played a role in gettin mah cake! and not to forget those who came to wish me happy bday, and those who wished me on facebook, and Bernard thnxz fer calling ^^ though i was damn busy just now, had to do alot of stuff bfore they shut off our cold water supply.. sry sry