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2.55 20th of May
Theme: dark red
Mood: bloody hell... angry
Motivated level: i'll get better marks than u bish.
Music: kissin you - miranda cosgrave
Details: angry and there is test tml, and there is exam on sat.. WTF.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

my soul's yearning..

mood : empty
music : Uso Sora ,Yakusoku[Elfen Lied Original Soundtrack] = gloomy moody heartbroken tune

I would imagine myself, walking down a dusky pathway..
moving swiftly in what you would call 'shadows'....
approaching a Stygian corridoor which is absolutely pitch-dark...
with only a glimpse of lucent glow in a distant range....
unbelievingly feeling restful in the murkiness of the cramp passageway...
a passageway leading to a vague destiny....
departing from a world of misery.

oF :jMin

New desktop look.

Mood : 3Mo , feeling empty , hopeless once again..
music : dearest - Ayumi Hamasaki

hmm, some of the cool transparent effect!

The start bar..and how the windows explorer looks now..

A new winamp skin...

another wallpaper and how my current msn look..lol

I finally took a peek at WindowBlinds™. Above is the cool transparent effects it can apply using skins which some cool dudes and sexy chicks made..
thats the current skin I am using for the moment,

mind rating my desktop? do tell me how you find it in the comment box !! thnkx!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

mood: letargic
music: slow,sleepy music..

Sunday afternoon is the most damn hateful time of the week for me..friggin boring and HOT! it is always hot... no idea why is tat so but it sucks!
Anyway, it is alot worse when I'm kinda sunburned..wth
The view at 5th College University Malaya, HELP had their sports carnival there..Games were netball, volleyball,basketball,soccer,tennis and probably others..
I only played in basketball,watched netball+volleyball..^ ^
Thats some of my team mates shooting around..lol..didn't get any other pic..
So, it was a tiring day..k, we didn't win..
the HMC/foundation team had many national players, and obviously they grabbed the top spot..my team only won one match..lol
about me? only 1 point from free throw against A levels team..-.- the only point against Alevels team lol.. coz we lost 13-1 .. they had taller people what to do? even if my hands not injured oso wont beat them in rebounds >,<"
overall, a tiring day..

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Damansara Utama public court

tatz a pic of it, located somewhere in DU..lol
pretty nice place, coz we had the whole court for ourselves. If we were to play in the campus, there would be like 3 departments training there... in other words, 30 ppl..Not to forget the HELP basketball team trains there today..lol
K, so..we didn't do much training today..except for playing game and meeting up with the Business team A. I'm on team B..hehehe.. of course team A stronger..haha

now, thats the progress of my thumb which I mentioned yesterday.. big ler my right hand..hahahaha
Inter-department compettition on Saturday! So tommorow we taking break.. better to play safe and not get injured..

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Basicly, basketball!

Today, I woke up happily and when to the computer. Clicked on facebook to see my oh-so-cute 'taufu'.. lol.. Its a 'fluff' pet that can be found in facebook.. I make it race and obtain race winnings and bets... ^ ^
then, suddenly... my room mate asked me "hey, what time is your class man?"
I was like, "hmmph... 9pm?" *nxt I glanced towards my computer time..
9.20am zomg, i'm so deadz
Anyone wanna smack me on the head?

Then in the evening, to be exact 3pm.. I headed out basketball with Marcell, we go to training with our Business department team mates... Stupid sky cried for most of the afternoon till evening till the court was all wet... But we still continued to train/play/noob around..
It was damn bloody tedious, especially the training part of it.. I don't know what was with me, was it i was so noob/weak or it was so tedious that I couldn't even do 15 times of sit ups.. The worse part was, when the trainer asked us to do a final 20 push ups..
guess how many I could do...??? [highlight the number below plz]

0 sifar/nil/zero/kosong/telur...
paiseh paiseh..
The team, actually was really sucky. Most of us was expecting better players, budden some of them have the height..but they really don't look good.. swt..
here is the best part,
our trainer asked our group to shoot in 200 free throws/cente
r shots..
in the end he asked us to stop..
coz we spent like about an hour to just enter 70+ balls..*tries to hide his face..."at least I entered like 10? with a sprained thumb"
we played till 8 sumthing..-.-
K, what did I gain from this training?
1. some new methods to train

2. some new friends
3. a sprained thumb, sucks coz I'm point guard position coz I play shooting..

Yay, I love drawing cells..I used to draw out ALL the cell related stuff during form 5..on my computer..haha
K, my skin teared at my big toe coz the wetness in the shoe cause my skin to be more moist and soft. Thus, resulting it to tear due to friction applied..
Worst of all, it was not pain at all so I wouldn't even know if my whole foot's skin teared off..wtf

k, an I'm really screwed for next week's mid termz..
congratz jMin..you are one deadz man..bwahahaha...^ ^

Monday, 22 October 2007

Kimi wins in Brazil, crown World Champ!!!!! YEsHH!!!!!

4 years ago, a young Formula 1 driver had been on the verge of winning the F1 world title...
however as the 2003 season unfolded in such a dramatic way that the young driver lost the title to the so-damn-well-known driver the great Micheal Schumacher by a mere 2 points....It was really very unfortunate for him, as well as his fans...

2007 of the Formula 1 races marked a spectacular debut by yet another young driver, although it was his first season in F1, he still managed to hold on to his performance...until the final 3 races...
which the team fell into disarray and the race got more dramatic and tease..
Unfortunately,it was all over for the rookie driver...sry Hamilton,we shall see next year!

However this season marked a remarkable comeback for the young driver who 4 years ago challenged the likes of Schumi...
Kimi Raikonen finally wrapped up his 1st F1 World Title in style by setting the fastest lap as Ferrari dominated Interlagos with a 1 2 finish! Kimi the winner of the final race of this remarkable F1 season, as well as the winner of the first F1 race this season at Australia!

As a supporter of the newly crowned F1 champion who is also dubbed as Flying Finn and super cool Iceman.. I can't help but be damned delighted!!! Congratz Kimi!!!! you finally did it!!! you rockx man!!!!


Sunday, 21 October 2007

Hax d/l speed!!

This is so damn bloody insane!!!
Recently my ol' RO buddy along with his gf and brother created a new RO server..
So, I decided to d/l the installer and start of my RO career in that server as one of the first people there!!..hahaha..
I'm in Malaysia, and usually the d/l speed wont even exceed 60kb p/s ..But...watch the screenshots..
I was like, wow..damn chun!!

Now I'm like WTF, hax!!!

Owh gawd.. insane!!!

the d/l took less more or less than 10 secs..for a 33mb file!
I tried it over and over again, and it was at that speed..
wow... I still can't believe it..lol

Friday, 19 October 2007

Life oh life...

Music : Debussy - Claire de Lune
Mood : Happilly sipping coke..
Missing : a partner...feeling lonely.. *preferably girl plz..^ ^

Hmmp, my first update ever since shifting out? Will blog about the place soon k..
Today was pretty fun!!! no classes, so I went with Willy to Sg Wang to become lala..^ ^ juz kiddin kiddin!!!..bwahahaha..
We went there to makan lunch and chit chat lol..ACCA at Sunway is pretty stressful, summore his current lecturer sound so sucky... kelian him luhz..
Actually I went Sg Wang there coz I needed a 5m long LAN cable..coz the current cable was so damn short tat I had to place my laptop on the floor..and it really discourages me to online coz sitting on the floor makes my ass + back ache..lol
K, so my Business course started like last week? budden have a midterm exam in 2 weeks time!!! wah kao lak!! can go mad man!!! Summore finals in like 5 weeks?
its like once I start my course can start to stress for exam adi!!!
Besides tat, I summore go join the Sports Carnival, will wakil department for basketball...woo hoo!!! Expecting to either sit on bench or get tap by ppl tat can jump!!..hahaha..but it keeps me pretty busy training myself every evening.. *me basketball nub.. if got tips, plz bomb me with tipz!!!!! T.T

So, this was my first attempt to cook a meal for myself ...which was yesterday dinner!!!
I'm pretty annoyed with the way it turned out!!Note: its some thin spaghetti, not maggi me kari flavour.. -.- paiseh paiseh..

owh yay..tatz my pic in the Alvls year book.. I think I look good, anyone wanna sign up to be my fan?.. -.- another lame joke..blekz...

ok,am I allowed to complain about Alvls?
Firstly, I PAID for my Alvls T-shirt...i didn't get one!!
Secondly, I PAID for my Alvls yearbook...they claimed I didn't pay..
Thirdly... look at the circled part below..

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Why did they send a 1st Malaysian Astronaut up there? haih..

As we know, RM 100+ MILLION went to the funding of our FIRST Malaysian Space tourist's TOUR on ..not the moon.. but only visiting the ISS[probably known as International Space station?]
The Star Newspaper said our friend is gonna be bringing SATAY to the ISS? So, is his mission up there to promote Malaysian food in line with Visit Malaysia 2007 ???

*scratches head...

Was it for the coming elections?Imo the rural folks might support government alot more due to the lack of knowledge there? They would obviously be thinking "Awww, Malaysia memang BOLEH!! skrang sudah maju, pergi angkasa lepas wootz!!"
But then, the controversial part is more about the educated people..coz obviously many people knows that it isn't something to be really proud off, due to the fact that *it isn't our own technology!!

So it comes back the the question of..
"Why did the government chosen to do it?"
*big question mark ?????

Friday, 12 October 2007

Noise VS Dog

location : home, Sitiawan
music : dota music..^ ^ its gaming time

Okiesz, may be eating doesn't help much to prevent sleep during lectures..
So I tried listening to music while lecture time! I think that worked out alot better... hehe

The lazy fella, lying there...Brownie!!

Doesn't even budge when I poked her..
besides, being lazy..
she is also SO-DAMN-AFRAID of firecracker noises, lightning...
I heard all dogs are afraid of those noises..they tremble like hell..
As we know, recently Raya coming liao mar..so then, alot alot of firecracker noise luh!! Brownie was so afraid till when i said "BOOM!!"...she ran!!!!
BWAHAHAHAHA.... *evil grin ^ ^

Thats just to prove a point that, if a burglar wanna steal something from a place with dogs, would he succeed if he brings along a big cymbal? or something tat can make friggin awesomely irritating noise?
Anyone mind testing tat hypothesis against a German sherperd?

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Uni life?

Just an update of my life!
On 3rd October this year,
I've chosen to take Business degree,majoring in accounting! My Alvls results sucked so badly that I couldn't do the degree in Monash Uni Malaysia... -.-
Thus, I'm doing it in HELP once again, as before... I NID HELPPPPP!!!! WAAAA!!!

The current semester, damn friggin short! Its only 9 weeks long!!! 9 WEEKS??!!!! Its only 2 friggin months long....We have to take 2 subjects within this 9 weeks.. summore got mid terms during 1st week of November...
About the subjects, I chosen Financial Accounting and Micro economics..^ ^

Tats the Accounting lecturer.. ^ ^
If you guys have any friggin idea of wut is on the whiteboard..
Let me tell you wut it is... HE DREW AFRICA... -.-
The bugger started off his class by drawing maps of all places...eventually he did fill the whole whiteboard with his world map...hahaha...as though he was conducting geography class?!!! But well, we had international students in the class and he was trying to introduce people to each another! Nice idea...
He is pretty humorous ..

The econs class however was kinda boring...
very boring indeed...
I had to chew on some bread to keep myself awake...
I thought of a plan adi!! I'm gonna eat for the whole 2 hours of tat class, to keep myself occupied...^ ^ do wish me well?
Any other ideas how to keep awake?

tml heading back to swan!! zomg...thinking of all the food, make me hungry..Miss hometown lotz!!

Monday, 8 October 2007

A fun, cheerful song...=P

JJ 林俊杰 Autograph session in Malaysia

Last Friday, I went for JJ's autograph session at Sg. Wang...Nice experience, The pics shall tell the story...
A football kicking event by Samsung Mobile, chance to obtain VIP tickets!

Majority of JJ's fans is female..-.-

Fanclub members got chance to enter an hour earlier to grab better standing place..at this point,resting under the shade while waiting...

The view from my spot..

The crowd ..


tats him again..

JJ with Myfm Pheobe...

Free posters? ^ ^

A girl ran forward with this..


the fans lining up for autographs..!!

Tats how the ticket for the event look like...

Free fan..

Poster, dunno where my friend got it from.. nice rite?

A whole lot of autograph'ed albums..the front' one belongs to mi..

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Random stuff!


Picture 1

Picture 2
As I was walking down the road heading to my uni, I saw the dog. Mind you, it is still friggin alive and breathing! It is such a pityful sight, thank goodness someone placed a bowl of food there for it. Seems like there is still people with a kind heart around.
The 2nd pic was at a friend's house, I was actually searching for a fish that has a relative size in comparison to the aquarium..Then, she pointed out 2 goldfishes.. each occupying a corner of the aquarium..^ ^ lol
If my house would be so big, except for it to be empty..well, its worth living in..^ ^
*crazy imagination...tats why bobby says i can qualify TR adi..

k,below is how much mi body is worth if i die now..lol *another lame thing jmin does..-.-
$5450.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.
Well, I suppose I'm considered cheap? lol..
who wanna buy me alive?
It is basicly depending on how our lifestyle is...

Saturday, 6 October 2007

My bday,my day..

I really better blurt out my day during my bday bfore my so-damned-fergetful memory wipes itself out..
First to wish me happi bday this year was
1. Wern Di
2. Wen Wei
can't remember who was 3rd..haha
Most suprising and unexpected was Cheah Yen's sms frm Aus lol..
Got alot of other bday wishes.. thnkx mi frenz!!! You guys keep my world turning....

I awoke on mi bday fer a stupid so called "orientation" tat was supposed to be on the next day. Please allow me to explain...
stupid HELP uni, chose my bday to be the first day of orientation..budden when we friggin arrive, they gave us a folder and asked us to come back the next day...
Btw, the orientation the nxt day sucked..nothing interesting at all!!! NOTHING!!! WE DID NOTHING!!! WTH!!!
k, bck to 3rd of Oct..
so, later in the night..
I went the curve to "celebrate" mi bday with my ex-alvls mates.. Our usual movie geng..^ ^ excluding Leon,Siew Yen..
I chose "the apartment" coz none of us have tried it out..so, I thought it would be interesting fer us to check it out...food at "the apartment" sucked,was overpriced... And they didn't offer a gift for the poor bday kid.. rather should have went to TGI FRIDAYS which offers free cake to bday kids..^ ^
So, we proceeded to Baskin Robins instead.. Got a delicious looking Strawberry ice cream cake..haha...the pics I posted was when I was choosing the cake..And also while we tried our very best to cut the Partially Frozen icecream cake..>,<"
The cake could only fit 1 candle..lol
And of course not to forget mi bday wish..
"i wish to be with ...... "
well, I think its pretti obvious who I wished to be with...
its a stupid wish btw, she didn't even wish me happi bday.. T.T , its realli saddening..
but basicly, it was a good day coz of friends..I didn't think too much of her not wishing me..

K, tats all...lol
sry fer making u guys fall asleep.. ={P

Friday, 5 October 2007

Condolence to Mr K

Mr K taught me EST well...
this is unfortunate..Fookie's blog

Thursday, 4 October 2007

An outing yesterday nite

Letz just call it..
An outing at the Curve.
We ate some expensive, and sucky food..
I shall pass it to the pictures to do the talking...

frm left,Ee Wei,Amery,Clareen,William+Simone,John,Syateer,Ai Kheng..
Amery and Clareen.

The guys..

The gurlz...
Choosing a cake 1
Choosing a cake 2
Choosing a cake 3

Uhm,the cake? 1 year old kid's bday..
Baskin Robins Strawberry icecream cake, with oreos..
sry to those tat puasa kk.

Weeee....!!! 1 year old...=.="
In addition a bday wish, tats almost or most impossible to come true.. T.T
The cake, couldn't be cutted..eventually, they took it to the counter fer help..

Amery and Ai Kheng had to share a piece of cake..>,<" sry to them, coz..only 8 pieces..

^ ^

Final pic...Its a nice group pic ^ ^