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2.55 20th of May
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Friday, 25 September 2009

HELP institute

these are some of the pics i took during Alvls.
The Duta bas stop during one Hari Raya holiday. dunno wut year was this.. =.=

core maths 3..

a scribbling on the law class table

me at HELP's main building on free wireless XD

HELP main building entrance

Saturday, 19 September 2009

today in Nizhny Novgorod

hai. This post is directed for the juniors that are heading for Nizhny Novgorod next week. Firstly, I'll be ur weatherman.
There has been a drastic change in tempt here frm hot to cold, probably bout28C to 10 C. I think, basicly u cant walk around in ur T-shirt, u have to put on a thick jumper. or a wind breaker with 2 shirts might do.
winter jackets aren't used yet.
When I was in Penang, I heard that Jeff had already paid a visit and talked to u guys bout stuff here.
Thats why I didnt' drop by to talk =p
1. shoes wise : get a waterproof shoe is best, leather shoe,sports shoe.. etc. you would buy winter shoe or boots when winter approaches , around Nov. remember to bring slippers too, its kinda expensive here.
2.stuff that are not found here: 2B pencil leads,thick soy sauce,good chilli sauce,a eletrical clothes dryer to dry underwear(not like it cant dry, but its nt cool to hang it in the open o.o),foolscap paper, and do remember to bring ur 3 pin plug ,dettol.
3.stuff that are found but expensive: sesame oil, osyster sauce, peanut butter, computer monitor

brb i continue later.. stuff to do, need go toilet

Thursday, 17 September 2009

3rd physiology class,semester 2

So, physiology is about frogs. every class is frog. green jumpy little gross and slimy creatures. eeew. NO, physiology isnt that, shiit i forgot what it is.
*brb find book.
Physiology = branch of medicine dealing with functioning of organisms.
As you can see I'm so gonna fail this. *no i wont!

Khairul : yuck, grosss... ~.~
Khairul : eeww...

catching the frog properly bfore, destroying its senses and mushing out its brains ( i think so ).
yay, pose with your frogs plxz ^^.. frm left, Khairul, Hafis, Zakuan, Juin. all my group mates, we are group G / группа Г.
pity our frog today, its brain stem was not destroyed. Thus, it probably felt quite some pain at. =(
you can see the big red baloonish thingy, which is supposed to be the lungs. and all the grossiest internal organs dangling out from its body XD.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Some pics long time ago ish . frm 2008 in Penang.

Gurney drive.

Savvy's ass.
moore savvy's ass XD
front =p

Basicly a Proton Savvy display at Gurney Plaza, Penang. Wonder did it even help the sale of these cars. Hmm, so far life is good here in Russia. didn't take any pics this week, sorry. =(
but Naruto is gettin more and more interesting. Do check the latest manga out.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

random pics

hmm, coke in nice glass bottles.
the street around our hostel. Note that its so much better crossing roads in Russia than Malaysia, ppl actually walk alot. Thus, the zebra crossings are extremely useful and efficient as cars are sure to stop for the people.

this is somewhat how my room looks like today. Much an improvement frm last year's retarded room. bed on top , comp on bottom. It is a double decker from IKEA, but i didnt install the bottom. Saves some cash, since the bed i wanted is a top bed, bottom desk kind of bed which costs bout 10k rubles, this is only 4.5k.
MIR pizza, nt bad. buy 2 free 1 ^^
they do deliveries too

Thursday, 3 September 2009

biochem and physiology

I was trying to get a pic of urine o.o

what i heard is, this isnt real urine. it is made from some stuff. which i'm too sucky and duno how it came about. no, nt yet. but soon i shall find out. We got a nice young lady to teach us biochem. I'm expecting a peaceful biochem life ^^

pitiful frog waiting its end.

sciatic nerve that innervates the calf. humans have one too
k bie, study time