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2.55 20th of May
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Saturday, 23 February 2008

rTm at ACmS?

RTM came to college to make a documentary bout different Medical Universities in Malaysia. Cool?
Juz another chance to take more pictures for me..
here goes..
The pic above represents our classroom..
Then we moved towards the auditorium, and had a demo-lecture for them to record...
It was a topic of 7 types of inteligence =P
then they interviewed our lecturer, Dr Eddie... We just found out he is uncle to Nicol David?
lol..dunno real or not lar..lol
but the dude claim so ..hehehehe
Then next pic is Alex being interview... " mummy daddy.!!! I'm so proud of being on TV!!! woootz!!.." said Alex?...
no lar..lol
kiddin je... interview was about 'why become a doctor?'

owh well..
then nxt was Mahes
I didnt get a chance to speak lar..
so sad ryte..they dun wannt stupid and fugly people like me on tv..wth wth omg wth rite!!!??!!!

nvm, i tahan ...
Then today Wei Wen's mom made sandwich for me!!!

so cool rite!! tuna + salad... so damn nice man...
first nice thing i ever ate since i come to Kepala Batas...
damn it dude, u are so luckly tat u mom can do so nice food ler...

kk, tatz all for this time..exam in 2 weeks..die lar die lar..

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Way too short post..

Random pics
Anyone been missing me? =P

Now bfore the Itachi / Sasuke battle ends.. I'll upload stuff bout my favourite char, Itachi!
Lets begin with...

nice akatsuki coat..

Above: spot Kisame...

Itachi's voice actor absolutely adores his cat, and Naruto's voice actor was stuck looking at the many many many pictures he had of his cat.

does the cat look like this?

I'm actually not free to blog but, yeah..I'll update asap k!!

Friday, 8 February 2008

'Chu Yi' first day of the Chinese New Year!

1st day of CNY, supposely a day of visiting and 'angpao collection'...
a day of joy and most fengshui ppl would wear, uhm.. red?
a day that rekindles relationships of friends...
filled with the memories of kids chilling out in front of the large TV screens,while adults chattering away in the background..their voices ranging over the cartoon volume..
as I did my first drive down to KL, to get to my aunt's place..
and eventually Mid Valley, Gardens..
Just to be disapointed by the amount of shops opened there...

At least someone companied me to walk around the place, thnx Kim..not to forget her dad was so nice to treat me to, uhm... meals..
like this one below ...Anyway, HaPPie CNY people!
Hope everyone would be in a festive mood!

*I hate assignments, why do they have to come during CNY? ~.~//