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2.55 20th of May
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Details: angry and there is test tml, and there is exam on sat.. WTF.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

My course ended 2 days ago.
now on holiday..

Monday, 25 August 2008


Fucked up.

Sitting in a dark room, freaking wasting my exam time sleeping today. Next moment, I drank. Sux. And now I'm friggin drunk. Supposely lar, then I walked out like 100meters to come online. At the clubhouse.
My best friend, claim I will get hangover. Screwed up, tml I have exam lar. Damn it.
'Pocci' lar like this. 100% die tml, English and Ethics[medical]

I don't understand, if we have a chance together, why when u are stressed or bad mood, you 100% ignore me. However still, you still talk and laugh with ur friends, except me. which you totally ignore.
Bah! I'd rather die.
How I wish I do not have parents, then I wouldn't owe them anything... Then I would not need to live on ...
How I wish I never became alive on this earth, this damned fucked up place. Hell of life. How I wish my story comes to an end. -The End-
yeah, thats if our life is like a friggin story book, where u can see 'happilly ever after."
I can feel my heart beating rather fast, probbaly 120 beats per second? yeah,supposely thats it..
friggin sitting here with all the FRU, police force bastards all around me... They are in Putravillas[the place I live in] for the Permatang Pauh election..
oh fuck, its gonna be tml... hope Anwar wins,..anyway... I believe the government is plotting his loss..
Bah, I shall give another update tml.. K, cya..
-.- seriously I feel drunk.bah.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Avril too sexy for Malaysians? lol

Most recently, Malaysian authorities messed up with Avril's concert.
could it be due to this?

click here to read some jokes on Avril
click here to read more on this

May be this...

Hello? Did the government randomly google, found this pictures. Then decided on cancelling her concert? Barisan National, you guys are seriously amusing....
Last year, pop singer Gwen Stefani made what she called "a major sacrifice" by donning clothes that revealed little skin at a performance here.

Furthermore, Christina Aguilera skipped Malaysia during an Asian tour that included neighboring Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, while R&B superstar Beyonce scratched a planned concert here, moving it to Indonesia.

A Pussycat Dolls concert in 2006 was fined 10,000 ringgit (US$2,857) after the U.S. girl group was accused of flouting decency regulations.

C'mon, WTF is wrong with you guys? Those kind of concerts, people sit so far away, where can see them? Summore not like they are goin to strip for you to see lar. They have life oso lerh. It is of no use protecting your people like this lah, In fact, do they even want it?
Besides, If someone want to see horny stuff, you think he will go watch concert? Screw it lar, go find prostitute lagi best kan?
haha, long time didn't type anything out.. forgive me for messing up this post. lol
Anyway, I heard the concert is back on.
*perhaps UMNO is showing PAS that their requests could be possible afterall.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

I'm fine nw..
exams nw.. cant update anything.. mebe soon.. see how it goes..cya bie!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Life sux

When only would I be able to find someone that would really cherish and treasure me well?
*yeah, I know I sound like a girl.. But that is my very feelings now.

With you today

Here I am,
Your hand on my lap,
Though it is,
as if oceans apart till we be together.

Here I believe,
that either you or me,
will declare an end to this,
should it continue like this...

Would I live through?
this very unfortunate portion of life,
with least of a comfort,
except for having you.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Turning Back.

I attempted to place you in oblivion,
an effort to relieve myself,
finally a sign of selfishness in me.

I resorted to believe the vile in you,
but then I failed miserably,
only because you were so lovely.

You came yourself to bring me back,
to where we lastly met,
gave me a chance to reflect.

You hold me and told me don't forget,
that you and me where just perfect,
and I would not regret,
the turning I made just to have you back..!!


Sunday, 3 August 2008

damn it.. I just did something for her again..
I hate life!

My feelings today...

There is sometimes fun in life, and yet un-fun parts..
today we had a barbeque event for my course mates. Pretty successful, great commitee members we had..
But, she made me feel damn sad. Whatever....!!
I'm over with her... screw it!!
If I were to continue on, it would be like watching a barbeque stick poke tru my own thigh.. Yes, girl.. watching your pain and sorrow parts of life, I unfortunately feel too much of you..
I can bear this, that is IF you would at least try to ease my burden there...
But u absolutely IGNORED ME.
I do not need pity over the stuff I choose to do for u, coz its my decision.. however, could u at least talk to me?
so, yeah! I'm over this! Count it as tnite was the last time I would ever do something for you. Its over.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

GenTing Trip last weekend!

GENTING AS AT 26th July, Saturday! Me, ANek, APan,and Dr. Decided that if we were to go anywhere, it had to be that weekend itself! Thus, on monday, we went to check out tickets and got them.. hehehe...

It was a 11pm ticket as we would be able to sl33p through the night and begin playing the very moment we arrive at Genting. The bus arrived at 5am, DAMN FRIGGIN COLD.. Yea, we got some pics but i couldn't smile at all...hahaha..
Anyway,We were among the first people to enter the theme park! Wootz!!!!

note: no queue at all man!!! kewl..!!

private rides for us!! no one else on it..hahaha... no need to w8 at all!!

view of first world... flanked by the SpaceShot™

ooh.. fun?

check out Dr. on the left and APan at the middle!

C***screw u.. X-)

ANek grinnin' happilie awayyy..

MTV Asia Awards 2008 banner worh!


Supposely a sunrise background.

dunno whats that..

It just looked fun, so we took this..

Smuggled a camera into SnowWorld™. We went in at the last time slot, 11.30pm.. damnit, I do regret holding the snow with bare hands... It SUX!!! damn freaking PAIN!

Clownz anyone?
Buffet! Damn it, Buffet dinner costs RM57. But compare it with a RM15 for a wanton mee at the food court in FirstWorld™. Do the maths urself, this is definitely worthwhile!

This was a mere decoration, nobody wanted to eat it..hahaha

damn cool lerh this lady.. she take the floor, pull abit , stretch abit.. then..
TADA!!!! *look below...
its nice and refreshing for the tummy, healthy too!

barbeque'ed stuffs.. lamb, and 2x chicken.

grilled fish and chicken. Topped with either tartar or blackpaper sauce. Trust me, itz wonderful.

As much sushi as u can eat! damn..


there was a crowd. so we went and kepo-kepo abitz...and,
the crazy bugger got 645 score!

ANek arranging her tickets won by basketball... She also damn crazy fella, all time 300+ score... One round play get 90 tickets..

odd statues.. but fun!

friggin sl33p also they wanna take my pic. T.T

Hantu Genting!


kk, thatz all folks! Next update will be about class BBQ party! hehehe