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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Sunset Bistro[Penang] = Beach Volleyball carnival 2008!

*pics description bottom style
Hosted by:
Located at Batu Feringgi.

the teams lining up alongside the beach.. why? coz.. wait lar, later i tell..

the shirt! damn, its very nice ! damn cool shirt.

We were latest.. uhm, last teams to arrive at destination.. -.-"
so, we had to hurry and get ready and line up! XD

there came the VVIPs, Penang Minister of tourism and the state sports minister as well..So, we had to clap all the way while they walked through our line up..
they shook our hands too..

Speech? usual thing in events huh?

Opening ceremony! The VVIP's all had a volleyball in their hands and they just blasted the ball off..wah, then the confetti and music started to play to mark the beginning .. hehe

The sponsors
a new brand..Suntonic! free drinks, ambik lor.. nt bad oso..

uhm, is that concentrated drink named SunQuick? this is their new product..

Spalding! uhm, I didn't know they did other balls bsides basketballs .. something new for me! They sponsored the balls for the matches, I heard it was over RM240 per ball..! Anyway, each team did obtain several free balls..

The ministers vs some wakil frm Penang Volleyball Association. The guy representative is Malaysian player leh.. wah.

Jeff and Farid were the first to compete from our college. Kena tapau sial, wth.. they vs the eventual silver medalist. In addition one of the player of that team was the player of the tournament! ZOMG!!

Some natha.. Farid. *see how hard he play till he eat sand liaoz..

girl's match..hehe

Vics and Robin vs the 1st placing team during their 1st match lol..
thats the Malaysia player in red.


We had our food sponsored oso!! that was breakfast!

lunch was great! Fish fillets x2 .. DAMN!!! very nice! In addition that white thingy is some very nicely spiced potatoes.

I fell in love with the tomatoe.. So nice and fresh! Btw, all the food was prepared by Sunset Bistro XD

Then came polly.. -.-*
watch that!

caught that monster on camera! Sexed him up nicely.. lol
*good also that the finger cut of the indecent part of the pic.. =D

there polly goes.. or pinky ?

while this was happily happening..



Well.. It was a fun time..

but I would never ever left that place fulfilled without that friendster add i obtained from 'her' that night!
no idea how I could just ignore every other girl there just of her.. Well, so interesting.. I surely do hope to get to know 'her'...

Saturday, 26 April 2008

New layouts for my desktop..

*click in to have a bigger view!
Windows login screen

My vista logon screen, check out when the vista words appear..damn chun right?
ignore the pic plz

Modification of my windows theme.

check out the icons.

The whole theme modified!

Windows that flick thingy..

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Fluff 'LOL' art contest.

this is my latest fluff art..
Woffle's fluff page
well, if u guys think its nice plz give it 5 stars k! thnkxz..

about the competition, its about funny fluff art.. now is the period of submission. In 3 days time the voting would commence. As usual, there are raffles tickets too.. So do go and vote and get some free stuff! When voting begins I'll expose my 'lol' art here.. till then.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

KL Pavillion

Pavilion KL, well.. I'm sure most of you heard of it. In addition to that been there before?
The mall is pretty cool, with super damn cool prices*sarcastic..
You can get lots of cool brands there though..
There is this J & Co Donuts which people queue up like crazy just to get them..
There is this other brand which has a monkey face..the name is cool but i forgotten bout it.. swt
Anywayz, here is how it looks at night...
The interior 1
interior 2

Here is how it looks in drawing..
It is very simple to get there. Firstly, get yourself to any of the KL monorail stops. Then head for Bukit Bintang Station. Upon arriving there, you would have to cross the road which towards ur right.(usually there would be damn lot of people heading that way,so ..just tag along?) U will see a green colour supermarket like thingy.. but you can ignore it and follow the crowd, which is moving along the sidewalk. After walking forward for about 3-5 minutes you shall see Pavilion located opposite the road. Just cross and get into it.. XD

*walking further down that sidewalk would bring you to JW Marriott Hotel and Westin.
*there is another entrance, but I havn't tried that one..feel free to post comments bout that entrance!
*Pavilion is located about 25 minutes walk from Pudu bus station.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Malaysian cosmonaut visits Putravillas

This dude , Sheikh Muszapha was the first Malaysian to enter the outer-space. Good looking some say he is. Is definitely one presentable and popular man in the hearts of Malaysians.
guess who we found here?
The dude in person towering, over us. Making me feel even worthless if i were to make a nice smile because everyone would be looking at him instead of checking out anyone else in the picture. The dude had 4 body guards ever since his flight to the space station.swt...
Luckly for us, the pre-meds of ACMS.. He dropped by to visit his old friend which is our caretaker of the ACMS hostels Dr. Badrul.
Anyway, we just sat around him and listened to what he had to say. He mentioned to us that there is always enough time for life, in other words we have to friggin organize out our time and make FULL USE of it. We have to set targets, his 2 more targets in life is to pilot a plane and the 2nd unfortunately i've forgotten.. sry.
Ivanna was so damn excited over this as she is like his no.1 fan, she got 2 pics with him and still wanted another.. owh well..
we even spoke some Russian with him and unsuprisingly he spoke very smooth Russian, as to be expected from our 'wakil' right?
kk.. tats all..hopefully i can get that video of him from someone soon.. till then, biez!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Another song

seriously this song is excellent..
dont miss it.
i'm lazy to upload it nw.
so, ask frm me on my msn 'j_min_88@hotmail.com' if u like it.
kayz have a nice day!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Poem? Its directed very much to my worthless self. JyhMin.

most annoying to contain,

so many doors ajar to quitting,
yet only....

and only if we stay strong,
we shall see light,
after years, or maybe a lifetime?

only we shall,
obtain invaluable tools,

to the condition, that you live through it..
should you pray for your own survival...
God bless you.



Monday, 14 April 2008

Arsenal 2 : 1 Man Utd..


too bad the score was the exact opposite.. WTF!

After a night out with friends and seniors watching this match, haiyo.. could the outcome be any worse?
damn sad lar wei.. damn sad..

btw i found a site SlideShare
it grants you to upload powerpoint files for others to see it.. pretty useful imo lets say u wanna do slideshows of pictures..
or like this..

k, tats all i'm gonna blog for tonight. nite ppl

Sunday, 13 April 2008

song song.. =P

The light but endearing piano intro instantly captivated me. In addition the melody was really rare that I've never came accross anything like this tune bfore. Her voice wonderfully matches the instruments. I'm sure you are gonna like this piece.
rated : 9/10

there u go..preview

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Missing Itachi

May Itachi's fate be fake and he shall walk back into the book again..

Saturday, 5 April 2008

RIP my most loved....

Itachi Uchiha..



Akatsuki bedtime






Itachi wif Kisame

Itachi's raven illusion..
Amaterasu devours it all..

Godlike Susano





sad... =(

Poor Kisame will be alone frm nw..
Aww.. yea.. we will miss you too Itachi-san


note: all pictures are copyrights of the artists in Deviantart! thnxz!