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2.55 20th of May
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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Kheng's Kek

Kheng, ur cake..
So nice rite??...
So nice of him to suprise u with the cake worh....!!!
*actually it looks alot like a toy cake tat iz made out of plasticine.... =P

lalala... Chill, kiddin nia.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Nando's + Photoshoot .... more like cam whoring actually

Hello Nando's ...


Am I the RED COLOUR one?? Am I HAWT??

Actually no one had enough guts to order the RED coloured one.. So I syok syok go ask them for the red one .. =P

Haha... WTH!!

K, I gawt bored...


Diviya and Shanu*

Dui!!! Dun want lar...!! Paiseh ...


Jeff and Diviya...

Diviya and me again.. lol


*Julian looks at the bill...
Then feels his wallet...
T.T ..ouch!...
no lar, actually we payed for ourselves..

Becky and me..

Kim + Me

Godwinna wif me..

love is in the air... owh wait, they are both girls worh..

Jeff and Becky..

Paiseh lar, me frm Kampung.. nvr seen this kind of thing frm so close..
so, kinda curious and i took a pic of it..haha..
Ivanna's hand there..

This pics are at Seberang Jaya, Sunway Carnival Mall..
Anyway, tommorrow is Thaipusam Festival...!! Wish a Happy Celebration to all Hindu people!! Cheerz!!!

Monday, 21 January 2008

First bday person/boi at Putra Villa

Happy bday Raymond..
Chocolate and Cheese cake frm Secret Recipe... Yummy.
Diviya and Jeff with the cake.

R u happy Raymond? lol... It could have been so much more 'suprise', however those buggers screwed it up bigtime... totally a turn off...

Yeah, they told him gawt present for him... then asked him to follow them..
in the end, someone ended up in the pool.. [ lesson : don't be hopeful tat ur buddies would buy u bday present...]
omg, the cake gawt wounded... !!
helloow!!! look who is with ray!!

The bday wasn't a big thing... well, I did managed to grab 2 slices of the cake.. So, I ain't complaining.. =P

Next up:
Abit about my current foundation mates,
We are a happy and enjoyful bunch who believes in HaPPiNeSS in LiFe!!!
The very day we step foot into the clubhouse, we brought our joyousness and cheered up the clubhouse? *more like we were so noisy... ~.~"
We are also the most terribly dressed bunch in the college, while others wear proper 'work style attire' which is long sleeve shirt,slacks, and a necktie...
most of us wear that, but with our shirts out...
Some of us don't even bother with the tie...
*though no one has yet to have the balls to put on shorts and march off to college with pride..!

Most recently, we received this....
wth wth!!!


Cloverfield the most 'out of the box' idea any movie ever made has... Imagine the ENTIRE movie being recorded using a video camera held by a character in the movie... Hud.

We were questioning upon HOW THE HELL would the batteries last for the whole 7 hours in the movie lol.. but its absolutely brilliant! Just for the fact that we get headaches if we look at it too long.. I also noticed that when there were sound effects of tremors, the screen at the sub-way station doesn't shake abit! duh!!

  • movie pick up speed : from the very begining.. =P
  • movie graphic animation : the whole movie is graphicly modified...
  • movie storyline : one big mutated creature, no variety... its all about the monster..but the head of the Statue of Liberty is, brilliant start to the movie..seriously
  • movie suspense rate : Immense..
  • movie directing : brilliant?
rating : 9/10 [a must watch!! u have to experience this movie urself.. =P

Sunday, 20 January 2008


Now tat was lunch ..
Claypot Chicken Rice, best in Penang?
tatz what Pastor Roland says... I feel its great too, the taste is ... great!
This weak was..imo lengthy, I'll drop dead if it continues like this... but thank goodness it would only be this two weeks that we are doing this.. seriously, it was a 6 day week.. classes frm 8am - 5pm in the evenings..
anyone think that sounds appealing?

Now gonna go out Sunway Carnival mall..
Cloverfield... I'm COMING!!! XD


Tuesday, 15 January 2008

New Life?

ACMS, where I am currently studyin. Well, I just decided to quit HELP business course and go for this one about 10 days ago... amazing ? JyhMin making a super-duper last minute decision... ~.~"
Coll bus!!

guess whose room iz tat? My roomie is my childhood friend Alex, he last time bully me de.. haha.
but, anyone never bullied me before? =P Well, really glad that have someone I know to be here with me.. Though we ain't closest of buddies, but.. Its a blessing to have him here with me.. =P

the clubhouse..

inside clubhouse.. *nice? nice?

playground for me... *lame

is it for swimming?
hmmm, may be not.....

It rained, biggg...
as a result...
more swimming pool??
there were even fishes ...
bus 11 fail to pass the water... alternative method?

Cat vs iguana/dunno what..


Another iguana/something..

found around the girl's hostel...

if nawt mistaken a skin-less snake, probably eaten by the creature caught above.. this place small town lar, so gawt this kind of animal lorh..

The college is located in Kepala Batas... Pak Lah[Malaysian Prime Minister]'s hometown.. Made some really nice friends, or .. everyone here is sooo nice!!! Anyway,hate to continue more explanation now, tml hav class..
Anyway, this was how I look before I started this course... now short hair.. swt..

k, time to sl33p... God Bless.. Have a nice day people..

Sunday, 13 January 2008

inactive frm bloggin frm now.. just switched course..
kinda busy..hehehe
will probably update tml..