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2.55 20th of May
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Motivated level: i'll get better marks than u bish.
Music: kissin you - miranda cosgrave
Details: angry and there is test tml, and there is exam on sat.. WTF.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Today's exam

Pretty unexpected..
Lets say, my balance sheet NEVER-EVER balanced before even while A-Levels time. However, today during my 1st semester finals it actually balanced??!!!
Omg, really overjoyed..

but, why does it have to balance when I'm even considering switching? In fact I'm really keen of changing... hmmph, shall blog bout this soon..

*exam shall not take away my happiness

Anime Art

Orochimaru by ~cdgodofwar99 on deviantART
Well,well..isn't this my very first post concerning art?
But check this out guys, this is a painting of Orochimaru, the most loved villian of anime series Naruto! As far as I know, he has serpent-like powers. Forgive me coz I'm still at Naruto esp.23 =P.
In my opinion this paint is cool. The lighting effect of the paint itself adds a luminous effect to the image which the painting is focused on.(around Orochimaru as well) Not to ignore the nice combination of colours which results smooth feel over the image,of course good painting skills. The artwork is also pretty sharp!

ratings people? u can comment at the link below the picture..=P

Monday, 26 November 2007


Back then, after watching deathnote movie.. I was so in love with the character Amane Misa, till I searched all over the net to find stuff concerning this individual who was the hmm, only pretty + cute chick in the movie,anime, as well as manga?
Somehow I stumbled upon this song...
Taiyou no uta - Kaoru Amane at , Frox's blog
It is a song that up till now I still love, seriously..
Erika, was the chick who used the name Kaoru Amane to launch her first single which consisted of a few songs including the one i mentioned above..
Album Title : FREE
Record Label : Sony Records
Launch Date : earlier or middle of 2007
  1. FREE
  2. Time to go home
  4. FREE (instrumental)
'FREE 'is really a good song,even the instrumental is great! I didn't expect to listen these songs over and over again! 'Time to go home' is very much similar to 'FREE',however not as good. I didn't like 'Fantasy'.
this single can be obtained at
Album Title : Destination Nowhere
Record Label : Sony Records
Launch Date : 28th November
  1. Destination nowhere
  3. FREE (overrocket)
  4. Destination nowhere (instrumental)
The overrocket version of FREE is great! I feel 'FREE' and 'Taiyou no Uta' still pawns the new songs. 'Escape' much better than 'FANTASY'. 'Destination Nowhere' is more 'Taiyou no Uta' style..I'm starting to like this new single more.. =P
this single can be obtained at Yesasia

of course,after everything I said...here are the songs

a very important trait we should look in songs is the ability to express its meaning,its title. The song FREE succeeds in this very part,it feels like I could run free from depression,stress,work,and life itself?
Songs that are nice to listen to is something, but songs that grants happiness,its priceless..
It is not only the song, but the singer herself. The first time I tried understanding why I loved Taiyou no Uta so much, I observed the vocal skills of Erika. To my disapointment she wasn't really good at vocals, nor it is her voice is heavenly... But it is the style of singing and probably the type of voice she has, it is relaxing to listen to.. Nevertheless addictive...

plz do comment on the songs? I niid feedback if my taste of music sucks or nawt.. XD
*leave ur email if u want either of the songs,I'll send you..=P

random music

the chick is so hawt ..

Saturday, 24 November 2007

A Birthday..

Hey, dude.. happi burfday..
Though there weren't many people lar, hope u enjoyed it =P
Above: Min Ka with his bday cake...
above: it was at some 'Korean BBQ restaurant" in Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. Those are the starter dishes...

We ordered mostly barbecued stuff..since it was their speciality. What we never knew was they had this middle part of the table made for barbecuing stuff..pretty cool huh? Then the waiter will do it for us. *first impression it was like some place to boil soup...=P

thats the beef..

tu daging babi..oops..Its pork.

from left: me, Kheng, Min Ka..Syateer was behind us..XD

Birthdays, personally I have never been satisfied with my birthdays. May be coz I never had any close friends back in school days.. No one ever cared as well? Back then I never really used friendster. I think website like friendster, facebook can really help forge relationships at times? It was through friendster that my friends found out my bday this year...
As friends, we shouldn't forget our buddies birthdays? you don't know how sad we are when we don't even get wished..It sucks when we keep quiet and 'hope' someone would wish us 'happy birthday'!!
n you find out no one remembered..
have you had that before?

there are alwiz stupid parts of every outing..check this one out..
this was at Baskin Robbins,which we went after having that Korean BBQ dinner..
Syateer bought Min Ka a 'heart' shaped cake <3>lol..k, kiddin nia..they fooling around nia..pic taken by me.. =P

above : Kheng made some yucky sumthing..Salad leaf with filings of garlic and some odd sauce like tauchu.. Min Ka ate it.. forgot to ask him if his tummie was okay. =P
above: Kheng, Min Ka.
above: Min Ka, Syateer
above: Mii, Min Ka and the cake..=P

picures : Syateer

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The better songs out of Justin Lo's Album

thats all the songs from his album..
recommended songs are
  • bei ke
  • chi dun
  • nan ren ktv
  • c u in my dream
  • headlines
Its 3am, i'll make this post look nicer tml.. haha

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Songs to d/l?

If you guys want to d/l some music,
Fearless-123 Cantonese/Chinese albums
Fearless-123 Cantonese/Chinese songs

the selection is limited though.. but still,many thanks to him!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Virtual Personality test I took...

I was required to select the picture that describes my taste....look at the pics, and you would probably understand that there are alot of different mindsets out there..people could vary in answers so damn much..."It teaches us how to understand each other..."~jMin

My Selection:
Love is ....
I believe love is supposed to keep each other together..In addition, to last.... Although it is obvious that believing so is sort of "dreaming", but I still wanna believe so...

My favourite treat ....
I'll just go for the simple one and proclaim to the world that I love food. In fact, cooking is one of the most enjoyable thing to do..*cooking for self,because there isn't stress whether how edible the food turns out to be. Owh, and of course.. no thnkx for the cleaning up!!!

Imo, meal time should be relaxing. We should taste the food we are consuming really in detail..Sniffing out all the wonderful aroma of food.. =P

My greatest vice ... shopping for stuff to look more obvious in crowds...the desire to be known is my weakness.. In addition, jealousy of others having stuff.. XD

My music ...
Nothing beats a drive around town/to the beach with music on loud enough to cover ur own singing...hmmph, or should i replace 'singing' with 'yelling'?

Feel the emotions music brings, listen to the lyrics and move along with the tune.. Music, is one of the finest art on earth..Cherish it!!

My perfect meal ...
I used to look through cookbooks like they were comics..
yeah, and pictures like this is so common in it! Yet I have yet to try it..

My sport ...
The first sport I was looking for was basketball. Unfortunately, It just seems that it isn't in the list.. So, I went for F1... =P

jMin Schumacher? =P

What inspires me ...
It is neither cash, not fame..But just to be with the one I love.. uhm, well.. nt like the kid in the pic..
but a girl..that would be the greatest motivation ever..

My most priced possession ...
I supposed this is it! Coz it can accompany me forever
Friends can be occupied at times..
A pet would be the best company, but I havn't got one atm..

Right now, I'd rather be ...
How I wish so..

thats the results for me..
pretty true .. except they should have put at emotional : YOU ARE A F'KING EMO!!!
well that would have suited me best!

Personally I feel, the results of a survey isn't that very important..the most appropriate purpose of doing a survey is for self-understanding.. my act of posting it here is sorely due to the fact that I hope ppl would undestand me better? =P

*you can find this test at FACEBOOK:TOP FRIENDS
it is called virtual personality test.
You could copy these pics,post it to ur blog and make ur selection as well.. i think it is pretty fun describing ur selections..! The pictures are nice as well!

Justin Lo 側田 releases latest album

Justin Lo is a really talented individual..composing,singing..musician..
Shall look into this album, find some nice songs..and share them of course!!hehe..3am now, tml class at 9am..
well, time to go.. =P ciaoz.

*click topic for link

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Dota'ing in facebook

Basicly, this post is to define the game and provide tips/experience of mine in the game?

'Jackass' is suffering from a penalty for receiving more items than is sending, thereby leading you to victory.
okay that is one of the explainations of when you either win or loss,
other explanations are cunning,brawn,magic powers,movement,armour,fatigue,stamina,
do relate all this terms to the stats that your hero possess..don't bother about looking at opponent's items, just care bout how much their stats are..
  1. The whole DOTA game of facebook is based more on STATS instead of amount of allies. Always have that in mind!
  2. The most advisable method to battle is by hand-picking your opponents instead of going random hitting
  3. You can hit heroes in range of 1 level above yours and 1 level below yours.
  4. Heroes that are level 5 and below can purchase items for themselves by inserting your own name.
  5. Remember to get your bonus 4 gold per invitation to friends.
  6. Try to do direct pumps with someone active instead of with random people. 1 on 1.
  7. If your target is to gain levels asap, search for targets below your level.*drawback is when you reach a certain level you will be so deprived in terms of items that you can't hit anyone around you.
  8. If your are targetting a long term run, search for targets below your level. In addition,hit stronger people once in a while if you can't beat those people 2-3 levels higher so you will remain and be able to farm in the same level for a long period of time until you get enough items then proceed to gettin level 25.
  9. owh yeah, items do not stack!
  10. A way of transfering cash, is by sending and selling iron wood branches which costs $1, and sells for $1 as well.. =P
  11. Farming creeps can get you 20-90 gold per run...[till max fatigue]
  12. Hero kills gain you 1/2 their level worth of gold.(go for odd numbers,it grants round up values)
  13. Fatigue pots can be self-bought (but it isn't worth-while for leveling purpose)
  14. Fatigue should be influenced by max HP, HP regen.
  15. Unwillingly sharing this: Players at 20+ lvl strive hard to gain gold due to the max items each another have...A way to continue gaining gold would be chopping creeps till max fatigue, then going all the way down the ladder to kick some nuubcake ass..*drawback is, nuubs gain level while u are working your way down, resulting other players feeding on them and allowing them to gain free gold. Per run grants 100+ gold..(used to be 250 gold, but they made gains 1/2)
Thats a screenshot of the previous top player Damien, he sold all his items at level 22 and quitted.. see, FEEDING still happens even in facebook! lulz.
Kudos to Damien, good game!

update at 17th NOV
Vincentt wrote a dota guide..very advisable to read it!!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Wut if, if Malaysia get erection?

While reading Kenny Sia's blog about the latest demonstration in Malaysia, it hit me that...

below is an extract frm Kenny's blog, do click the link above for the video itself and the full transcript!
Transcript of Malaysia's Information Minister's interview with Al Jazeera News on the bersih protest.

Reporter: OK, so let me return to my former question. Why is this protest illegal?

Minister: YA! It's a illegal protest because we have the erection in Malaysia. It's no-no point on having a protest! We are allowing to every erection... every five years never fail! We are not our like, like Myanmar, not like other country. And, and you are helping this. You Al-Jazeera also is helping this, this forces. The, you know, these forces who are not in passion, who don't believe in democracy!

Malaysia looks like wut? how bout u tellin me?

Well, I shall not narrate on why it bent upwards shall I? anyway,
Singapore would be soo gawd damned lonely but may be more Philipines lenglui will come over? hehehe

but seriously bck to the issue, our minister's english comparable as u noe those mamak?
*imagines .... "yes boss? wut u want to eat?"

well, at least that mamak dude don't interrupt others talkin..
but still, lets pray for the best !!

Monday, 12 November 2007

DoTa on facebook..

my BloodSeeker!!! self-edited.
wootz!! he ownz !!!
it is a game that made me add up alot of new friends? nice to meet you all k! will chat with you guys once my holidays startz!
this is just lame crapping..
will blog bout how my life is staying out on my own soon!!

to join the game, add me on facebook and await my invite plz
there is link on the right column of this blog....ciaoz!

My fluff friend...omigawd..so cute!!! ~.~

yesh! tatz mi tofu.. the fluff pet that i mentioned in the earlier post!
cute ? wut u think?

anyway, check out the latest mood!!!
funni ryte?
this is the max mood it can reach....coz I'm so hardworking and pet her 2200 times...so i reached it!!! WooTz!!!! jmin rawxx!!!! -.-

For the sake of reading this lame post, I'll reward you with this:

have fun!!! hehe

Saturday, 10 November 2007

EPL updates on your desktop!

Recently, I went to Barclays English Premier League website and I found this tool that displays RSS feed on your own desktop.. pretty cool huh?
its at the top of the desktop, like how we see highlights hovering at the bottom of the television screen at home..its quite nice to look at imo, so here is the link..as well as the site.. If anyone is interested in checking it out!
link to the page that I got it from
Now, the other function of it is to allow you to see the title of blogs you read. This function however requires RSS feed link that you can obtain from stuff like the picture above which belongs to my bloggie! hehe
All you have to do is...

Then, you are all set to receive updates from the blog..Thus, do you find it a rather multi-purpose asset?
If not mistaken it is called a desktop widget..
K, thats all for today.. Dota time..*evil grin

My fluff on facebook..

Facebook has alot of gaming application..
this is one of my favourite lulz..

coz it is cute, fun....uhm, actually i like the race part..lulz..
After winning races, I do get free fuud..
so, anyone wants some fuud? just ask and I'll feed ur fluff..hahaha

kk ...those on facebook plz do check this application out!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

mofo blogspot ate up my whole post on that movie..WTF.

had to retype..

30 Days of Night [now screening]

Movie length : 1.5 hours
Official site : 30 Days of Night Site
Trailer : 30 Days of Night Trailer

Basicly, a vampire class horror movie. The theme is set in the town of Barrow, Alaska..somewhere in the Artic Circle.. the kick is, when night ever falls...It comes for 30 days in one go.. Thus, in other words, it is vampire paradise...
*a sinister laugh sounds..

  • Movie pickup : took the whole movie...
  • Movie graphics animation: no sci-fi stuff, but reasonable..
  • Movie Storyline : just another vampire flick, except for the 30 days idea..pretty brilliant.
  • Movie directing : short scenes showed just the intention of the story,abit too many though.
  • Movie suspense rate : uhm, obvious reactions...unfortunately
  • movie horror rate : low ?
rating : 3.5/10

Monday, 5 November 2007

Stardust Movie[Available in Malaysia 1st NoV]

Movie length : 2 hours
Official site : Stardust Official Site
Trailer : on site titled video, or go youtube to find urself..^ ^
Today watched stardust movie along with friends... Frggin' they gurlz wanna watch this movie, they dun wanna watch 30 days of night .... c'mon, horror onli funz mar!! Owh, don't get it wrong..it isn't a movie bout flying pirates..lol

the town, graphics were pretty nice..not science-fi type loh
the forbidden wall, which have a gatekeeper tat hav been sittin there for LIFE!!

this is when the real friggin story begins..before that all lame retarded stuff..
the fallen star..

nice magic,effect nt bad oso..budden, tatz frm the evil witch queen wor ..she wants the heart of a star...*keeps fingers crossed
based on the best-selling graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess, Stardust takes audiences on an adventure that begins in a village in England and a hidden kingdom of stronghold. The movie has very good graphics indeed, it is one production production worth watching imo..

  • movie pick up speed : slow , I was cursing the movie for the first 20 mins..
  • movie graphic animation : nice, not excellent though..
  • movie storyline : creative,magicaly unique and does not conform other movies..
  • movie suspense rate : none, it was abit too predictable due importance of main chars..
  • movie directing : humor at odd moments,reasonable expressions
rating : 6/10 *saved by storyline,and the lovely star whose lovely name Yvaine...[could be more lovely,unfortunately]