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Saturday, 17 March 2012

basketball clipboard

So, i can't think of a better place to explain these. Thus, welcome to my blog! lol
Most of these are techs tat we have already learned. Straight to the point,
circle'd players are ours, triangle is opponent.
straight lines = player motion
curvy lines = ball passing motion


1 aka PG, holds the black ball.

makes a short pass to 2

after passing, 2 may notice movement of defender towards 1 side, pivot, and drive for the point.

in case that option in step 3 or step 4 above isn't applicable, we assume this is a normal pass back maneuver. and restart the play, anyway it only takes like 5 secs?


1 has option to fake and drive opposite the screen or heading where the arrow points

opponent 2 will be kinda forced to guard 1, and our own 2 will do as the directions above. 3 n 4 should move as pleased

player 5 should always be there to do mini pick n rolls/simple screens

similar pic as pick n roll 1. but p n r 2 is a 3 point kinda of tech

everything is same until this point. as usual, 1 should have an agreement with player 2 from the very begining and check if 2 will roll inside or roll outside.

the moment 1 notices that the defence is distracted and 2 ppl are 2 teaming him, he makes a quick and precise pass to 2. and 2 puts the 3-pointer in


1 shouts and signals fr vertical screen.

1 makes the pass to 5, then runs along the 3 point line towards the perimeter

in case 5 is empty, shooting is cool. if nt, its just simply a passing maneuver, back to player 1 or 3.


1 shouts to get attention of team and signals fr horizontal. 4 runs and screen opponent 3

ball pass to 3. as usual, if no outcome, we restart with ball back to 1.

pick and rolls should be done spontaneously, but terms and conditions of PnR 2 is player 2 has to have 3-pointer ability, and a signal to player 1 bfore hand that he is gonna be taking the shot instead of goin inwards to basket.
pick and rolls's roll part MUST be done at all costs, even if player 1 rarely chooses to go fr the pass to 2.


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